How you can support T.A.P.®

#1: DON'T LITTER. But you already knew that, so we really didn't need to state this!

#2: If you are on a path that has T.A.P. alongside it, use it!  "Up" your journey, even if only for a short time.  Studies have shown that whenever a person does an altruistic act, an amazing boost to your inner self occurs.  The world benefits from people who feel good about themselves. T.A.P. Into It.

#3: Donate to our cause. We self-funded the 1st feasibility study (Sept. 22nd - Dec. 18th, 2022) which proves that the T.A.P. concept works. It was so successful in cleaning up the environment and making people feel good that we have been invited to open our 2nd feasibility study in any of 14 parks/open areas.  Your donation will help fund our 2nd feasibility study. A successful second feasibility study, with supporting data derived from San Diego Mesa College's bio class, should land T.A.P. corporate sponsorship to help secure future expansion of the Total Altruism Project. 

We thank you for anything YOU do that shows your belief that making the world a happier place will make it a better place.