100% of your donation goes to helping expand T.A.P., so more “good” can be created!

-> The Total Altruism Project is about making it more convenient for people to practice the common act-of-kindness, picking up a piece of litter, along a popular path, which has been found to increase a person's self-worth while helping out our environment. -> Our goal is to have T.A.P. placed along all popular paths, throughout the city and your donations will help us though the 2nd feasibility study. We believe a second feasibility study, in a different community, is necessary to not only assure that any changes to the conservation tool and staging sign are worthy of mass production, but to also to be assured that T.A.P. will be supported in different communities. The founders of T.A.P. believe that there is so much good to be created from this project that they self funded everything through the first feasibility study (Allied Gardens community park). Now that we have strong evidence that by increasing the frequency T.A.P.

We would truly appreciate a donation, and we would make good and speedy use of it! Know this: your donation will very likely cause ripples of good energy that will travel around the globe! What better investment could you hope for from your donation!?! We are a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), nonprofit foundation that assures that 100% of your donation goes toward supporting our cause.

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We’ll never share this information with anyone. Reminder: We are a 501(c)(3) corporation with tax exempt status. Your donation may be tax exempt. Your receipt will have our federal and California state tax exempt ID numbers for ease of your records. Thank you.
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