Education & Career Opportunities with T.A.P.®

The Total Altruistic Project Foundation is preparing a certification process and curriculum that assures the "graduate

The timeline of a college, bio-statistics study dictated the installation date of T.A.P.'s pilot launch; therefore, we felt it was better to "go live" with an informative, albeit "Under Construction", website than to have our project in a park, with QR codes on the tools and signs, but no viable link to answer any questions that might arise -sorry.

What can I say, "Updating Soon"?



Education & Training

Education Opportunities in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

A goal of our education program is to teach people how to design a conservation project that would be implemented throughout a city, anywhere in the world.  An integral part to having a successful conservation project installed in a city will be in understand the dynamics between human behavior-ethics and their environment.   Studies will build off an ecological base, from simple knowledge of flora, fauna and geology to an understanding of more complex systems like local socio & political influences and the city's affect on global environmental concerns.

An emphasis of our teaching modalities would be within a physical classroom (exact location TBA, but within San Diego, CA), with an internship program for hands-on, in-field experience. We believe this education & training combination will give our graduates enough confidence in themselves to successfully compete for a career in the field of Environmental Conservation & Sustainability. 

Internship Program

Successfully completing an “In-Field” internship programs will assure students that they are proficient at not only physically implementing a conservation project but also at managing teams, maintaining & warehousing equipment, ordering deliveries of equipment and working with the public and local governments.

Career Opportunities

The goal of T.A.P. is to expand into cities throughout the world; of course, we will need conservation minded individuals to help with this expansion.  However, the T.A.P. project is still in its Feasibility Studies stages, building metrics that show the positive effect T.A.P. truly does have on our environment.  Once T.A.P. has accumulated enough data to show expansion of the project is manageable, training and career opportunities will open.


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