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Education Opportunities in Environmental & Conservation Studies

The T.A.P. Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), registered as a conservation and education foundation. We will be offering an education program that will certify graduates in the implementation of conservation projects around the world.

A major goal of our education program is to assure students a lifestyle they expect to have, anywhere in the world, implementing conservation projects! (exciting, eh?)

Timelines when courses and enrollment begins: Sorry for the generalized prediction of “when” but, at this present date (11/16/2022) we are only two weeks into the first-of-two feasibility studies for T.A.P.. When the results from the second study show a plateau in incoming information (we are guessing around Feb/March 2023??) we would start marketing for enrollment. So far, we are excited for the community’s support and enthusiasm for T.A.P. where we installed the first study. We will keep updating to improve this website.

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