behind the scenes with T.A.P.

There is a lot more to T.A.P. than what you see along a path!

T.A.P. has teamed up with San Diego Parks and Recreation, allowing us to launch the first feasibility study at the Allied Gardens Community Park.  Park Staff immediately noticed a marked reduction in their litter workload soon after the study was launched, as it allowed park users an easy and convenient way to tap into their altruistic desire to pitch in and remove litter.  It really "happys up" the staff, knowing that the public cares for the park they manage.

T.A.P. has also teamed up with San Diego Mesa College's Bio 200 class. This is a statistics course where students learn methods and gain experience in defining and solving problems. The students collect population & environmental data, form, and test hypotheses, and draw conclusions based on their analyses. T.A.P. allows students to apply their new knowledge to real-life experiences. T.A.P., in turn, benefits by having a respected professor of Mathematical Ecology & Biostatistics oversee a study to validate our belief in the positive effects our project has on the test area. It then enables us to expand our efforts to other locations, to empower the public to partner with us to help keep their communities litter free. NOTE: the results & conclusion from their studies show a 50% decrease in litter that was 100%  due to the installation of the T.A.P. project! 

Based on the positive feedback and results we have seen so far, we are confident that T.A.P. will soon expand our reach to include areas managed by both public and private entities. 

Allied Gardens Community Park, site of 1st feasibility study

On November 1st, 2022 T.A.P. was installed at the Allied Gardens Community Park. The T.A.P. Foundation has been surveying passersby and has been making observations and conversations with people who became familiar with the T.A.P. project in the field/park.  The members of the T.A.P. Foundation have been making their observations several times daily, rain or shine AND...

As of April 2023, the comments we receive are STILL on the order of "excitement"! Those who have walked with the grabber tool in hand said it is "A feel-good activity". People describe their feelings as "Awesome", "Energized", "Peaceful", "Proud", "Excited" and "Fulfilled".

Dog walkers use T.A.P. while walking their pups (they hold the net in their leash hand).  Young families have been noticed going into the open mid-fields of the park laughing while hunting for water bottle caps and hair ties.

The Grounds Maintenance Workers (aka GMWs) are raving about the project because it saves them time AND it makes them feel good to see others helping out. THEY report a significant decrease in their litter-control tasks!

As others have said: What's NOT to love about T.A.P.?

The Total Altruism Project.         T.A.P. Into It.

* We are defining "sanitary" as something (a piece of litter) you felt comfortable handling.

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